Engineered Drone Solutions for Complex Operations

We design and build custom drones up to 150kg for VLOS, EVLOS and BVLOS operations


3D and Virtual Reality (4D) Learning and Marketing

We use marine, ground and aerial based platforms to create the immersive VR content for training or marketing

Have you considered the competitive advantage of introducing 3D and VR training and marketing into your business?

We develop customised apps and VR training / marketing products for any industry using marine, ground and aerial photography /videography with 3D modelling / animation.

By using high tech 360 degree cameras capturing live training and cinematography, students and clients can be immersed in virtual reality experiences.

Virtual Reality video is the fourth dimension in 3D modelling and cinematography.


photography, videography, cinematography


4D Virtual Reality Video & Panorama's


App Development


3D Modelling and Animation



We provide VR Training and Marketing Solutions

3D Modelling and Animation

Interactive 3D Models and Animation

Virtual Reality

Head Turning Learning and Marketing

Tourism and Marketing

Communicate in 3D Immersive VR

Ground Operations

Specialised Vehicles for all terrain types

Aerial Operations

Multi rotors, Aeroplanes, Helicopters and Powered Lift

Virtual Reality Team Training

Interactive eLearning - Play to Learn

App Development

Marketing, Training and Business Apps

Versatile Workflow Integration

Integrate 3D modelling, animation, VR, and 3D printing.

Our Team

Voted the best professionals in this field.

Process Flow

How we work

  • Capture
  • Digitize
  • Final Production
  • Launch and Share

What Clients Say

Why our clients love us!

Experience the 4th Dimension

We closely monitor the VR technological trends to determine the most appropriate hardware and software to provide a first class VR solution for you.

VE4D will get you from Drab to Fab

We produce more than just 360 VR media. We provide full 4D experiences for your clients.


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